This episode is a little different. My guest today is…me….I want to devote an episode to a topic that I am passionate about in social business. But, first it occurred to me that I have never given much background on me. So, before I dive into this topic, here’s just a little bit about me….

Founder, CEO of Find and Convert, a B2B digital marketing agency.
New York City –> Silicon Valley –> Tampa Bay
Empty nester who doesn’t have enough time to enjoy the Florida sunshine. ;(

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The modern marketing department has limited reach
  • The employee population represents the best opportunity for reach
  • Why the “Content Shock” factor is the premise for employee advocacy
  • The connected age paradigm spans personal and professional spheres
  • Connecting person to person – P2P – is the paradigm in the connected age
  • Employees have more reach collectively than most businesses do
  • The marketing department is too small
  • The most domain expertise is usually outside the marketing department
  • The paradigm shift to employee advocacy starts with a culture check
  • The C-Suite should embrace employee advocacy
  • Governance policy is a must to empower employees to be an advocate
  • Employee advocacy is a business strategy

Featured On This Episode:

PR software leader: Cision
Social Business Journal Volume 2
BusinessesGrow: Mark Schaefer’s Content Shock blog post
Bernie Borges on Twitter: @bernieborges
Social Business Engine on Twitter: @sbengine
Social Business Engine video channel  | YouTube channel
Social Business Engine website

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About Bernie Borges

Bernie Borges is CEO of B2B digital marketing agency Find and Convert, and host of the Social Business Engine podcast where he showcases thought leaders succeeding in business through the culture and technology of social. He is an author, speaker and trainer. His greatest professional passion is enabling business transformation through new insights.

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