When you make decisions that respect and honor customers, you will earn their admiration; eventually even love. Then customers will begin to grow your business for you.

“I Love You More Than My Dog,” is a reminder that people are bound by emotion to the things they love. They are bound by emotion to behaviors they love. What binds dog lovers to their pets is the constant devotion they receive from them:

a warm welcome
caring nature
selfless actions

All character traits we value in people, especially when we come across the them in business.
When customers love you, they will:

Turn to you when a particular product or service is needed.
Turn to you first, regardless of the competition.
Tell your story, forming an army of cheerleaders and publicists urging friends, neighbors, colleagues, even strangers to experience your company.

People are not bashful to tell stories about how they feel when they are treated well. Customers who love you won’t be able to stop raving about you. But you have to earn the right to their story first.

So many companies want to know, “How can we get there?” or “How do we achieve a state of being loved that way by customers?”  The answer is this: The decisions you make will take you there.

Making the five decisions will help you to earn the right to have your story told. The decisions will drive the behaviors customers love.


About Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss is not an evangelist or observer of companies; she is a customer experience expert.

As the Customer Leadership Executive for five large U.S. market leaders, Jeanne fought valiantly to get the customer on the strategic agenda, redirecting priorities and creating transformational changes to the brands’ customer loyalty. She has driven achievement of 95 percent loyalty rates, changing customer experiences across 50,000-person organizations.

Jeanne developed her passion for customer loyalty at Lands’ End, Inc., where she reported to the company’s founder and executive committee as leader for the Lands’ End customer experience. She was Senior Vice President of Franchise Services for Coldwell Banker Corporation. Jeanne served Allstate Corporation as its chief officer for customer loyalty & retention. She was Microsoft Corporation’s General Manager of Worldwide Customer & Partner Loyalty. At Mazda Motor of America she initiated the brand’s retention effort.

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