Episode 61 of the Social Business Engine podcast features Alan Belniak, the Principal Social Media Manager at The MathWorks. Alan is a social media strategist and practitioner with years of tech experience that he used to his advantage when transitioning into a social media role. Tune in to our discussion to hear how Alan persuaded the skeptics into hiring him for a social media role with no social media experience, and how he has gone on to strategize social media marketing for multiple mid to large multi-national corporations.

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Alan persuaded the skeptics (including his boss) to hire him when breaking into the world of social media.
  • By creating live and online training sessions Alan addressed the common objections and questions regarding social media.
  • That ranking your daily tasks and including social media will make it easier to add to your schedule.
    Alan’s experience in teaching salespeople to embrace social by informing them of social media’s prospecting abilities first.
  • Two ways you may not know about to connect and follow prospects on LinkedIn.
  • There aren’t instant conversions to becoming a social media whiz.
  • When people start to understand social media, they tend to share tips with coworkers that have worked for them.
  • How to convince the C-Suite to use social media by sharing success stories from other executive level professionals.
  • How Alan transitioned to educating people about social media from a product manager.
  • How Alan constructed a resource center/brain trust of eBooks, guides, articles, PDFs, etc. to encourage self education.
  • How to get started  creating a mentorship, educational, university like program on social media at your company.
  • How using case studies to prove the worth of new social tactics can help influence the skeptics to at least let you run a pilot on a new idea.
  • The need to find people who want to be social, and create employee advocates out of them with the proper training.
  • Alan’s one thing he would change about business.

Featured On This Episode:

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The MathWorks website
Social Business Journal, Volume 2: Influencer Marketing
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