I’m absolutely enthralled by the power of analytics. Aren’t you? I liken them to 21st Century alchemy, turning lead into gold. …Well, except alchemy never actually worked, and analytics are showing us some remarkable things about human behavior already – and they just keep getting better!

Last week I read a post that’s worth a look if you’re a professional social media practitioner, although it’s pretty cursory with its one-day sample (to be fair, this is something the author readily admits). I’m fairly certain he caught me on a day when I was feeling particularly chatty, for me to come in at #2 heaviest tweeters out of 100 “Power Influencers.”

But more than that in a bit. First, let’s address the elephant that has been in the room ever since the advent of the first chat room in the 1990s:

“If they Tweet this quickly [prolifically], when do the Power Influencers have time to get any client work done?”

That cracked me up – because it’s a completely valid question!!

Let me break the answer down for you:

  • Some people’s work is to sell their books and get hired for speaking and consulting gigs. If you’re charging $20-50k/talk and only want to give one or two per month, as a lifestyle choice, then being out there on social all the time is just smart business. They are working, marketing their brand, which is them!
  • Others are paid by companies to talk them up. They’re professional influencers, or to use a 20th Century term, they’re spokespeople. If they’re a professional influencer, then guess what? Again, they are working when they’re online!
  • And some people live in their mother’s basement, because they aren’t making a penny at social. They aren’t working, but maybe they plan to one day. So being on social all the time… well, at least they’re keeping busy.

I’m friends with a few of the people in that “Power Influencer” list. I’m acquaintances with a few more. I’ve never met others. That last group, the mother’s basement crowd? To be fair, I am not aware of any of the top 100 influencers being in that category.

Me? I spend a tremendous amount of each day not on social. I’m either with clients or prospects in person, or I’m Skyping with them, or I’m giving a talk (my favorite thing to do!). I’m CMO of an exciting startup. These things pay the bills – and they’re fun, or else I’d be doing something else.

Meanwhile, each day, tweets go out from my account on a schedule (usually just twice an hour), throughout the European and American workday, some from Buffer, which I’ve been using for 4 years, and some from a really cool tool called Tweet Jukebox. I share some insights from my latest book that way, an obligation I have to my publisher – and also something I believe in. A World Gone Social is a good business leadership book. I want leaders to read it.

I also share my favorite Meddles from people like you. I share posts from our Extraordinary Thinkers on OPENfor.business, and I share posts from the most talented people I’ve stuck on my various Twitter lists.

Automating a few tweets a day helps bring more exposure. I’m very careful not to go overboard by over-automating, a problem a more and more people and companies are having. Someone’s giving some very bad advice, and that’s becoming a problem for all of us – an issue worthy of its own post, for sure.

As for being truly social on social media?

You can easily tell when I’m actually on Twitter myself, in person, and when it’s just Buffer or Tweet Jukebox. Just look at my tweet stream. Whenever I’m present, I thank people, I converse with them, I retweet their stuff with a short remark – all boom-boom-boom, over the course of five or ten minutes. When I’m there, my stream looks very much like a real person is there holding conversations with other real people.

Then I’m off again – to earn my pay, to talk to the people in the same room as me, like my family or the barista or the lady in line behind me, waiting for the barista (man, I hate to wait for coffee!)… I’m off for ten minutes, or two hours, or whatever.

Just like you should be.

Please, don’t live online. Unless you’re paid to do so, of course. But otherwise, just visit. That’s the point. Drop in, say hi, leave again. In and out, all day long.

Anyway, that’s my answer to the “What do these heavy tweeters do besides tweet?” question. How about you? What’s your take on this question?

Oh, one more thing! Speaking of working with clients, did you know Meddle has a white label version we sell on a SaaS basis? Yup, your company can have Meddle on its own website. Wanna Skype about it?

About Ted Coiné

Ted Coiné is CEO of The Extraordinary Network, a group that is rewriting all the rules of influencer marketing by cutting out agency middlemen to work directly with B2B and luxury brands. Proud “bleeding heart capitalists,” he and his team have built support of a great cause into every for-profit campaign they undertake.

His entire career, Ted has collected fascinating people, most notably other thought leaders who also have a large and loyal audience of large enterprise leaders. He has watched the Wild West that is influencer marketing until he realized an opportunity to fix this broken system, and give influencers the sway they need to move markets together, and to get paid what they’re deserved for this power they bring to bear.

An Inc. Top 100 Speaker and one of Business News Daily’s 15 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow, Ranked #1 authority on the Social CEO and #3 in the Future of Work, Ted is also a serial business founder and CEO.

Ted is a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer and an Inc. Top 100 Leadership Expert. This stance at the crossroads of social and leadership gave Ted a unique perspective to identify the demise of Industrial Age management and the birth of the Social Age. The result, after five years of trend watching, interviewing and intensive research, is his latest book, A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive.

He lives in Naples, Florida, with his wife and two daughters.

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