Episode 58 of the Social Business Engine podcast features my interview with Luc Vezina, CEO of Vanilla Forums. Luc and I dove into detail on the ins and outs of a forum-based, branded online community. Tune in to hear our full conversation on the benefits a branded online community can have for your business and your customers. You’ll hear about a B2C example at Big Green Egg and a B2B example that uses gamification at ShipStation.

On This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The why, the what and the how of building a forum-based branded online community.
  • The difference between modern day branded online forums versus the web 1.0 forums, typically for hobbyists.
  • Why there are public and private branded forums.
  • The benefits of having a forum based online community for your brand.
  • How to use branded forums to identify advocates and/or influencers you may want to engage.
  • The ins and outs of online forums for internal use.
  • The customer-service cost deflection potential of a branded online community.
  • How you can boost your SEO while saving money with public online forums.
  • Why you should consider creating a branded online forum instead of, or in addition to a Facebook or LinkedIn Group.
  • How you can build excitement within your forum and gain new customers with “social proof.”
  • Why and how to incorporate gamification in branded online forums.
  • A B2C and a B2B example of a branded online community.
  • The one thing Luc Vezina would change about business is premised on the openness of the digital age.

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Bernie Borges is CEO of B2B digital marketing agency Find and Convert, and host of the Social Business Engine podcast where he showcases thought leaders succeeding in business through the culture and technology of social. He is an author, speaker and trainer. His greatest professional passion is enabling business transformation through new insights.

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