We have read a lot about Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and others talking about how artificial intelligence could be the end of the human race and that once computers begin to program themselves they may write upgrades that are hidden from us which could eventually reach a stage of wiping us out.

This began my journey of self-education on AI’s unlimited possibilities. I see it as containing lots of opportunities to not only enable us to move forward to another level by employing robots to do the more menial tasks that people are employed to do and moving those displaced people into other levels of work and society by educating them to the point they can assist the reduction in global poverty and suffering themselves.

My interest in Artificial intelligence led me to attend an IBM event last week to discuss the biggest opportunities and threats of the AI technologies, I personally think that whilst there are lots of opportunities within this arena the risk of mass unemployment are real. Yes it has been the case that every time we move forwards with systemising and streamlining the workforce we also begin a learning process to encourage people to up skill themselves to benefit from the developments.

So whilst AI will create huge opportunities it also has the potential to create the very solution to the problem it is creating for those individuals replaced by technology, the only challenge will be opening the minds and educating the workforce fast enough to ensure continual employment.

AI can help hugely by analysing which skills those people have and how to retrain to ensure employment based upon predicting the particular job opportunities and skills that need to be learnt by those individuals and how long it will take etc. before they have a good chance of getting their dream job.

So yes I must admit I am scared of the rapid rate at which technology is disrupting the world I am also excited about the possibilities of what opportunities are out there for businesses to grow and for the Watson Twitter partnership to evolve into a real time sensor to assist people in their efforts to make the world a better place.

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Editor’s note: Want more on artificially intelligent robots and what that may mean for humanity? Check out Ted Coiné’s post.


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