Want to know the secret to success? Find out what everyone else is doing, and do the opposite!

Okay, if that’s a bit too vague for you, try this on for size: surround yourself with people who challenge your ways of looking at the world. A great leader, a powerful innovator, needs diversity of thought in her environment to expand horizons, help explore different strategies, help see things from the customers’ point of view, the workers’, the regulators’…. It is absolutely essential you gather about you the type of person we discuss in today’s episode.

Hat tip to my friend Bernie Turner, who I introduce in my recent TED talk.

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About Mr. Ted Coiné

Ted Coiné is a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer and an Inc. Top 100 Leadership Expert. This stance at the crossroads of social and leadership gave Ted a unique perspective to identify the demise of Industrial Age management and the birth of the Social Age. The result, after five years of trend watching, interviewing and intensive research, is his latest co-authored book, A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive. An Inc. Top 100 Speaker, Ted is also a serial business founder and three-time CEO. He lives in Naples, Florida, with his wife and two daughters. How about hiring Ted for your next keynote? Click here! Ted's latest Meddles

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