This post is by Dr. Tanvi Gautam, the founder of the leaderSHIFT movement.

This isn’t for the faint-hearted.

A big part of my genetic DNA predisposes me to a life time of risk-taking and wandering into directions that other people hesitate to go towards. This disposition is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because every morning I wake up with a sense of curiosity & hunger as to what I can change or impact for the better. It is a curse because as it is said, the cutting edge of things is also the bleeding edge. Those of you who have been part of my programs have heard my stories of being at the edge where it can be dark and lonely to the point where if your vision and sense of purpose was not driving you, it would be altogether too easy to quit and go home.

Why would someone rush into places whether others are slow to tread?

Sometimes it is seeking the adrenalin rush of having proven it can be done, and more often than not with the goal of inspiring others to step into their true potential or change things for the next evolution.

Hellen Keller said your life is a daring adventure or nothing. Some of us have taken it to heart. Add to it a healthy does of Seth Godin wisdom – If it can’t fail it does not count — and you have a very potent explosive formula at hand.

This entire post was triggered by the fact that I am launching my interview series with what might be deemed as the top 5% of global thinkers & doers on the topic of leadership (Think NYT best sellers; Thinkers50 Nominees, Linkedin Influencers, Authors & cutting edge thinkers).

And quite possibly? It could end up not having the impact I am hoping for (but when did that stop me from trying).

Why am I launching the leadershift conversations ? All with one purpose, to answer the question – how should we lead ourselves & others differently for the times that we live in. Triggered by the fact that:

  • I am tired of attending talks where we discuss how to fix a system that is so broken that it needs to be thrown out.
  • We are sticking band aids where surgery is needed.
  • We talk of innovation but we can’t stand the idea of failure.
  • We say we want authentic workplaces but create no space for connection or mindfulness.
  • We demand engagement of our people without giving it in return.
  • We invite a transgender person to keynote an HR event and end with an all male panel discussion on the progressiveness of the fraternity. The sheer absurdity not being apparent to many.

So it is time to change the conversation. And you are invited.


I am creating the leaderSHIFT community as a place where new ideas on leading  ourselves & our people can ignite without the tyranny of jargon. Where posturing as the sage on stage is a sign of stupidity and not leadership because no one has all the answers. Where saying I don’t know the answer — or I am wrong — is as acceptable but lack of curiosity is not. Where we come together to acknowledge that our organizations and approach to leadership needs to evolve to meet the challenge of the times that we live in.

I am not promising any answers. 

I am promising a space for authentic exchanges sparked by some of insights of the leading thinkers of our times.

My conversation with them undoubtably is limited by my biases and slant on the topic but that should not stop you from pushing the idea further or highlighting an opportunity I may have missed.

I invite you to The leaderSHIFT series. It’s community that is ready to step into the future of leadership.  Remember it is not for the faint of heart, the cynics or pessimists; it is for those who believe we must create the future we want to inherit.

Your next simple is simple: investigate and sign up here.

About Tanvi Gautam

I help my clients move forward strategically on their agenda around innovation in talent management, diversity and inclusion,and employee engagement. I am honored to get the Game Changer 2014 award from Workforce magazine (USA) and the change leaders of tomorrow award (Asian thought leadership conference) this year. I am also very passionate about helping develop women leaders in organizations and creating gender balanced workplaces.

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