In companies big and small, it’s easy for gaps of communication and understanding to emerge between executive leadership and the front lines. I’m talking about shared vision, purpose, maybe views on recent consolidation or competition in the marketplace, economic changes and the like. The gaps often leads to disengagement, demotivation and deceased productivity…people start to lose that energy that often sets companies apart; you can feel it.

Get everyone on the same page. Social is a fast and easy way to do this, with consistency. Social media and internal social business tools provide a fantastic and easy way to reinforce mission, clarify purpose, share important views.

Your teams wants to hear from you, they value your views, they need your guidance, they want your reassurance when challenges arise.

Remember, as a leader, you are the brand.. You are the company. People look to you for guidance and model after your example.

Looking for some examples?

Former CEO of IAM pet foods (sold to Proctor and Gamble), Clay Mathile, has a new book out where he shares his insights for entrepreneurs on how to grow and run their business, Run Your business, Don’t Let It Run You, Clay talks about this gap and how social networking can bridge leadership with staff, bringing everyone together.

Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers talks all the time about the internal blog he used to maintain and how instrumental it was in connecting people across the company with him.

In IBM, we have >430,000 people. We do this, and if we can leverage social business to connect almost half a million employees, I bet you can do it too.

OK, what do I do?

1) I would recommend starting with internal engagement first.

2) Start an internal blog and post once a week sharing your views, insights and guidance.

3) Ask employees for comments and feedback… listening is as important as sharing – make it a conversation.

4) Get your team to help you setup the blog and with the posting mechanics; however, you need to write the posts… don’t make the mistake of delegating this to someone – it’s critical that it be your voice and your words.

5) Try to be consistent. Suggest writing on Fridays and posting on Mondays to start the week off for your teams.

Let me know how it’s going or if you have any questions.

Go make an impact with social.


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 First published at: Executive Social Academy Let Employees Know Where You’re Headed in 5 Easy Steps.

About Jim Claussen

Jim Claussen, Digital Engagement Strategy Manager, Social/Mobile/Commerce, at IBM and Founder of the Executive Social Academy. Jim helps leaders and organizations grow into social and digital engagement, shifting how they engage their workforce, prospects and customers to build advocacy, harness new innovation, unlock collective knowledge and grow business in today's connected economy. Leading with the why, Jim coaches leaders and teams around a people-centered focus first, and the ins and outs of the technology second. Jim helps people around the world through coaching, speaking, podcasting and the Executive Social Academy. Twitter LinkedIn (open networker and connector) Social Business Unboxed Podcast - Stories of Insight & Success in Digital Engagement From Selling To Serving Podcast - Helping client facing professional influence buyers, engage clients & build loyalty in today’s digital age of business. Ask Jim Podcast - Providing 5min answers to user questions about IBM Connections SocialLeaders.TV Jim's latest Meddles

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