In August 2015, I was invited to speak at a TEDx event, and I spoke on my favorite topic of Declaring Breakdowns (this is also the topic of my forthcoming book, which will be published by June next year).

I share personal anecdotes about my work and my family — but also about a learning group few of us friends created called the ‘5AM Club’. Each member of the 5AM Club declared breakdowns and created a future of choice in areas that mattered to the individual member.

Each one of us had great success, and through this TEDx talk on Declaring Breakdowns, I invite viewers to:

  • Identify what they care for;
  • Get present to the default future in each of these cares;
  • Create a new future where the default future is not acceptable to them; and finally,
  • Take a stand to achieve that future.

If you’re with me, take a look — and if you like some of the ideas, feel free to share the post and video with others.

About Sameer Dua

Founder Director, Program Leader and Leadership Coach, The Institute for Generative Leadership, India.

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