Russell Goldsmith recorded the show at the studios of markettiers alongside Caroline Schmitt, Global Head of Customer Marketing & Digital at ADAMA Agricultural Solutions — and Emma Craigie, Head of Media at The Ad Plain. Andrew Ward MBE, Farmer on Glebe Farm (one of only 23 Flagship Farms of McDonald’s in Europe), and founder of Forage Aid joining on the line from his farm in Lincolnshire. Also featured was Simon Haley, a Rural Business Advisor at SRH Agribusiness who had been interviewed on Skype the week before.

Themes discussed included:

  • How industry suppliers engage with Farmers and the wider Ag community
  • How farmers use twitter to develop communities amongst themselves to support each other
  • Various social channels and how they are used in different territories
  • Responding to negative comments and engaging with the wider public
  • Phone and internet connectivity in rural areas
  • Future of Agriculture and challenges faced by the farming community

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About Russell Goldsmith

Russell Goldsmith is Founder of marketing consultancy, Audere Communications, and is Director of Conversis Corporate, a translation and localisation agency. He had previously spent 16 years as Digital & Social Media Director of broadcast communications specialists, markettiers4dc before leaving in April 2014 to become an independent consultant and trainer. An active member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations' Social Media Panel (CIPRSM) and a Public Relations Consultants Association trainer, he regularly presents at conferences and contributes to industry books and blogs as well as regularly judging industry awards too.

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