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I’ve been busy with a few podcasts of late. Here they are.

This one is about talent management and recruitment within the PR space:

This one is about shaping the future of visual communications:

This is the first episode from Cannes Lions, where I managed to interview 17 influential communicators in three days: (If these embeds take you to the same place by accident, as has happened in some browsers, than just use the links before the embed to listen to the podcast and read the show notes.)

Here’s the second part of the Cannes Lions set, including a focus on health awards and virtual reality:

And here’s Part 3 of what will be 9, discussing the Glass Lion Award and women in PR:

I hope you enjoy and it helps you in your own communications/PR journey.

About Russell Goldsmith

Russell Goldsmith is Founder of marketing consultancy, Audere Communications, and is Director of Conversis Corporate, a translation and localisation agency. He had previously spent 16 years as Digital & Social Media Director of broadcast communications specialists, markettiers4dc before leaving in April 2014 to become an independent consultant and trainer. An active member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations' Social Media Panel (CIPRSM) and a Public Relations Consultants Association trainer, he regularly presents at conferences and contributes to industry books and blogs as well as regularly judging industry awards too.

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