We’re in a bold new age of business.

The Future of Work is here, all around us, whether we realize it or not. And central to that future is continual disruption.

Change is everywhere we turn; it seems the only thing we can rely on is that nothing is the same as even just a few years ago.

Indeed, things have not transformed this abruptly and radically since our ancestors walked off their farms and into factories over a century ago.

Our CEO writes about this new era of business, the Social Age, in A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive. We have entered a time of collaboration. Of co-inventing. Where the Industrial Age was marked by the hoarding of knowledge and expertise, of “knowledge is power” and power was not shared, the Social Age is a time where everything we do can be done better together, with the right team working as one. If the last century was marked by the lone hero, by I alone, the Twenty-First Century is clearly defined by We, working together to overcome any obstacle.

Ordinary People | Extraordinary Network

Central to this new age is the concept of OPEN: Ordinary People | Extraordinary Network. OPEN does not mean that we are all just ordinary; that no one is special. Rather, OPEN recognizes that even the top experts in one field are ordinary when it comes to topics beyond their areas of expertise.

But the promise of OPEN is in the network. When connected, we can find the top talent we need to accomplish any goal. As our connections deepen, as relationships are nurtured and trust grows, we set ourselves up to activate this network, to truly make it extraordinary.

Through OPEN, we can come together to build powerful careers, and to make the organizations we lead become truly remarkable.

OPENfor.business was established to help leaders find the resources we need to thrive in this exciting new age of business.

To connect enterprise leaders in one field with our peers in others. To tie us to the most celebrated thought leaders of today. To give us every advantage we need not just to navigate this ever-changing business landscape, but to thrive in it!

Change is only scary or unpleasant when it is happening to us. When we come together, as one powerful network, we can flip that narrative. Get ahead of this change. And bring it to our particular field of endeavor.

Because together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Together with our sponsor Meddle, we at OPENfor.business hope this site helps you prosper as a leader, so your organization can prosper. We hope you’ll bookmark this site, and consider it your home on the Web. We hope you connect with the contributors and world-class speakers. Over time, we look forward to counting you within our own Extraordinary Network!

With that in mind, please reach out to our editors Ted CoinéVidar Brekke, and Ted Bauer any time. Tell us what you think about the site, what you’d like to see here that’s not here already, or just say hi.