About Byl Cameron

I believe we are at a tipping point in financial services, where the old order must evolve to meet the realities of an increasingly decentralized and disruptive environment. The era of customer control is rapidly replacing the paradigm of "banks know best."

I believe that the internet is a place where ideas and technology work synergistically to produce community across broader geographic and cultural divides than any medium in the history of humanity.

It is my conviction that the old media is desiccated and controlled by the few - and that the web is populist in its perspective.

My experiences in the digital tech arena represent the full spectrum of technology delivery - from strategy to program delivery to portfolio governance to operational support. My professional experiences coalesced during the same time frame that saw the web transform from a private, military-use network into the global, open medium that it now is. In summary, the web and I experienced rapid career growth at the same time.

My unique exposure to global delivery has sharpened my skills such that I can establish best-in-class technology delivery in a global setting, leveraging the benefits inherent in a "follow the sun" model.

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