About Raymond Morin


Raymond Morin is a francophone author and speaker, that acts also as senior strategic consultant and coach for organizations, SMBs and independent professionals, since over 20 years.

Early adopters to the Web and social media, he shared his own learning and knowledge, during all those years, for the benefits of several funding and governmental organizations, before choosing to be a freelancer. Since, he’s focusing on establishing bridges between the different enterprises and consumers, to fill the gap between cultures and generations, for the benefits of each professional users.

Author of the books «Culture Web à la portée des PME» (2001), «Comment entreprendre le virage 2.0» (2010), and «Génération C(onnectée) - Le marketing d'influence à l'ère numérique» (2014), he has also contributed to several magazines and bloggers platforms over the years, notably with Maximize Social Business and Curatti.

Since 2010, he regularly give lectures and workshops. He's now affiliated with the OPEN for Business Keynote Speaker Bureau.

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