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Terrie Lupberger, MCC is a senior executive coach and advisor to leaders and teams worldwide. She is considered one of the pioneers in the profession of executive coaching; is the former CEO of an international coach training company, and a former executive at the US Department of Treasury. She now works at the intersections of leadership and coaching to elicit the very best, the greatest potentials, from an individual or a team. Terrie’s specialty is working with women leaders around the Core Principles of Feminine Leadership and is a facilitator and keynote speaker on the topic of the feminine in leadership. Through her studies and varied organizational experience she supports leaders to navigate the mine fields, pitfalls and blind spots inherent in playing a bigger game and generating greater impact. Her clients are executives in large corporations, government, IT and Finance as well as women launching start-ups. She is part of the coaching teams for SupporTED, the Unreasonable Institute, and Sundance Female Filmmaker's Initiative.

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