Keynotes by Josh Allan Dykstra

Thinking Around the Corner: The 3 Rules of the New Economy

We recognize that the world of work has changed dramatically, but we often don’t have an actionable strategy to help us get ahead of the curve in our businesses. Your group will discover how to shift everyday behaviors to leverage today’s incredible marketplace changes, instead of being run over by them.


Attendees Will Learn:
>The true cause of today’s business changes
>A simple framework for future-proofing their team or organization
>How to create a competitive advantage in a rapidly-changing marketplace


Your Organization’s Return On Investment:
>Renewed energy and motivation for facing constant change
>Greater autonomy, self-leadership, and personal ownership of desired outcomes
>Increased insight into marketplace trends


Make Your Culture A Business Driver: The 4 ‘Seeds’ To Authentic Growth

The phrase “company culture” gets thrown around a lot these days, usually followed by words like “Google,” “Zappos,” “ping-pong table,” “organic employee cafeteria” and “20% time.” But what if culture isn’t REALLY about what kind of business you are or what “perks” you provide, but is actually about something much more powerful — something that can be grown like a plant, actively designed like an architect would design a building, or a cultivated like a landscaper would craft a beautiful backyard?

More importantly, what if culture is something your organization could leverage to drive authentic growth in your business right now?


Attendees Will Learn:
>Where culture really comes from
>Why fixing problems will never make your company great
>How to leverage the secret that makes Apple amazing
>What music, your golf swing, and naps have to do with world-class performance


Your Organization’s Return On Investment:
>Optimized engagement among employees
>Increased knowledge to connect culture to business strategy
>A better approach to maximize energy among team members


Energy Intelligence: What We’re Missing About The Science Of Strengths

For years, we’ve been told to “focus on our strengths.” In general, this is excellent advice; research has clearly shown how a focus on what’s right with people (instead of what’s wrong) fosters more successful companies and builds better places to work. But what if we’ve been missing a huge piece of the science of strengths? What if “strength” isn’t just about what we’re “good at?” We need to expand our definition in order to truly reap the sustainable benefits of this approach…


Attendees Will Learn:
>Why a focus on what people are “good at” is no longer enough
>How to apply a fresh understanding to the concept of strengths-based development
>How to help leaders, managers, and individual contributors dramatically boost their effectiveness


Your Organization’s Return On Investment:
>Energy for sustainable peak performance
>A strengths approach boosts employee engagement
>Tapping into natural energizers builds resilience amidst change and ambiguity


The 3 Secrets of Employee Engagement: Designing An Organization That Doesn’t Suck

Even though the idea of “employee engagement” has been around awhile, many times our organizations still aren’t as energized as we’d like them to be. Your group will discover a refreshingly simple way to approach engagement that creates a more energizing place to work and better business results at the same time.


Attendees Will Learn:
>What sustainable employee engagement is all about
>A simple and memorable framework for implementing engagement
>How to shift personal behaviors and instantly boost workplace energy


Your Organization’s Return On Investment:
>Increased engagement leads to greater productivity and profitability
>Greater individual and team energy
>Potentially reduced turnover and absenteeism

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