Keynotes by Chris Westfall

Secrets of the NEW Elevator Pitch

Find out how to connect with investors, engage with customers and accelerate the conversation, with advice from the US National Elevator Pitch Champion, and author of The NEW Elevator Pitch

The New Rules of Engagement

How strong is your brand message…really? Learn how to make your message matter, and go beyond slogans to create a compelling conversation (whether you tweet it, or tell it). Featuring strategic guidance from award-winning MBA instructor and author of “”BulletProof Branding””

Finding the Millennial CEO

Time to go beyond the statistics, shout-outs and slams for Gen Y. What are the real puts and takes for this market segment, and how can your company connect with potential employees and customers in new and more meaningful ways? This keynote is designed to grow new leaders, and identify new opportunities, within your organization.

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