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7 myths about social media and the truth behind them

If you think social media is a fad for young people or where you post photos of what you ate for lunch youu2019re hurting your business. Social media is part of the multi-trillion dollar online economy that increasingly contributes more to GDP than traditional sectors.

In this talk, Dionne busts the myths that stop leaders being social and shows them how to use social to lead, innovate and grow business by tapping into the global brain.


Dionne talks about
u2022 Why 14 years on social is not a fad
u2022 What the love of photos is really about
u2022 The surprising growth of social for 55years+
u2022 Business-wide impacts and yes, ROI

Why leaders really, really need to care about social media

You may have done well without social media, but the billion consumers coming onto the market have never lived without it. If you arenu2019t online youu2019re irrelevant. Consumers trust the recommendations of friends in social media or even content of strangers and act on it. They expect to find you in social just as we expect to find inventory in a store.


Dionne talks about
u2022 Why the future is social
u2022 How social shapes trust
u2022 The influence on investors
u2022 Why social drives business growth
u2022 The multi-trillion dollar bottom line
u2022 How social shakes markets and builds trust

How social shakes business to the core

If a tweet can cause the share price to plummet then managing it is not just for the marketing intern. Social deeply impacts the way we do business and must be integrated into business thinking with respect to strategy, governance and risk.


Dionne talks about
u2022 How social shakes markets
u2022 Why social listening is the law
u2022 How to leverage opportunity and manage risk
u2022 How to build valuable social relationships
u2022 How social media shapes leadership, perception, and trust

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