Keynotes by Neal Schaffer

The Evolution from Social Media to Social Business

Defining social business and future trends evident in the current business practice of social media – and what your organization needs to future proof your business and take advantage of the opportunities.


The Evolution of Social Media in 2016 and Beyond: Moving Beyond Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

A new look at the emergence of newer social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus in the social media landscape, the growing need to be more visual in social media marketing, how smart companies are leveraging advocacy both inside and outside the company to strengthen their social business, and what companies need to do to succeed in social media in 2016 and beyond.


Maximizing Social Media for Professionals & Businesses

A popular topic for professional associations where members include business owners as well as those from a wide variety of disciplines but with the same objective: To learn why social media is so important to their businesses as well as careers.


B2B Social Media Marketing – From Where to Start to How to Succeed

Facebook is great if you’re trying to sell to consumer, but what if you’re a niche B2B firm selling very targeted products and/or services to other businesses? Learn the basics of B2B social media marketing and how to succeed on generating leads, cultivating relationships, and establishing thought leadership on sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter as well as blogging and using video.


Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

The world’s leading expert on LinkedIn helps your organization learn how to better utilize LinkedIn for business objectives, with an emphasis on sales and marketing advice.


LinkedIn Corporate Strategies

 While “Maximizing LinkedIn for Business” places an emphasis on sales and marketing advice, “LinkedIn Corporate Strategies” includes advice for Human Resources and Recruiting professionals. Learn to use the same features that sales and marketing use to assist in your social recruiting – and strengthen your corporate branding on LinkedIn.


Maximizing Twitter for Business

An introduction to tweets and hashtags with an emphasis on the why and how Twitter can be utilized throughout your company with an emphasis on marketing advice.

Maximizing Facebook for Business

Learn how to promote your business to 900 million users through Neal’s proprietary practical and actionable 10-step process. Includes detailed advice on EdgeRank, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Insights.


LinkedIn: Your Hub for Business to Business Social Media Marketing

A workshop to help B2B companies better leverage social media marketing, with an emphasis on LinkedIn and introductions to Blogging, Twitter, and Google Plus.


Social Media Strategy: From Why Your Business Needs One to Creation & Implementation 

 Neal takes his experience in social media strategy consulting and provides businesses with the information they need to start creating and implementing their own social media strategy.


How to Leverage Social Selling in Your Sales Department

Neal’s background in B2B sales gives him a distinct advantage on explaining how adopting social selling best practices can help complement the efforts of your sales team to generate leads, deepen customer relationships, and close business.


How to Make Employee Advocacy Work for Your Company

Neal brings together marketing, sales, and other internal departments to speak about best practices on creating, managing, and optimizing an employee advocacy program.


How to Find Out Where Your Ideal Audience is Using Social Media

A primarily tactical presentation showing in detail how to determine which platform your audience is on and revealing how to engage with your customers there once you find them.


How to Leverage the Other: Influencer and Advocate Marketing in a Social Media Age

A keynote which talks about a new way of encouraging word-of-mouth conversations about your company without it coming directly from your brand’s presence through finding and engaging with influencers and brand advocates.

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