Keynotes by Peter Cook

Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise

In this masterclass, Peter shares insights from his groundbreaking Bloomsbury book “Leading Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise”, featuring exclusive interviews with Sir Richard Branson, Sir James Dyson and many more global enterprises, such as Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, WL Gore, FujiFilm, 3M and Nokia. Peter discusses the concept of “Brain Based Enterprises” in a business age where brains matter more than brawn. Some of the topics he covers include:

  • How to maximise your Brain Based Enterprise – individual, collectively, corporately
  • How does your creativity work? How can you get people to bring their creativity to work?
  • How to lead precocious and talented people who refuse to be managed
  • What other Brain Based Enterprises are doing to stay ahead of the game
  • How may we become a genuine learning / adaptive / resilient enterprise
  • What can we learn from Sir Richard Branson’s leadership of Virgin about encouraging innovation and creativity
  • How can you create a culture of enterprise inside your business

Whether you are a leader, someone responsible for turning ideas into profit and sustainable advantage, or a project leader responsible for leading people you have no authority over then this is the event for you.



Lead like a Rockstar

What can you learn about business leadership from the world’s greatest rock stars? What can you adopt to make your business more effective? What should you discard? Peter Cook outlines thoughts from his book “Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll” and “The Music of Business”, acclaimed by Tom Peters and Harvey Goldsmith, on how you can combine passion, purpose and profit for exceptional results. Peter has interviewed a wide range of Class A rock stars in the course of his career from Sheila E, George Clinton, John Mayall, Rival Sons, AC/DC, Patti Russo, Roberta Flack, Blue Oyster Cult, Vixen and even worked with a few of them. In doing so he offers a wide range of transferable personal leadership lessons:

  • How to develop personal mastery and a sense of flow in your work as a leader
  • Leading precocious people with huge talent, large egos and some fragility
  • Connecting your passion, purpose and what you need to do to succeed
  • Enhancing your creativity and improvisation skills for a more adaptive business
  • Dealing with setbacks and failure

Should you wish, we are able to augment this keynote with an appearance, interview, meet and greet and a performance by a live rockstar. Please ask for more details.

Riffs and Myths of Leadership

Peter presents a scintillating blend of thought leadership on business excellence alongside parallel lessons from the world of music. In this interactive seminar, you will get the opportunity to actually experience the concepts Peter discusses through live demonstrations and even the possibility of joining him on stage. Peter discusses MBA level business issues such as:

  • Business creativity lessons from Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Madonna, Meatloaf, U2, Lady Gaga etc.
  • Principles of business creativity taken from musical concepts such as dissonance, combination, constraints etc.
  • How to create an adaptive business culture where creativity and innovation are part of business as usual
  • How leaders use the full range of leadership styles to get the best from their people
  • Learning to improvise using the blues or jazz
  • Punk Rock as an effective model for disruptive innovation and streamlining your business
  • Orchestras, Jazz and Rock music as a model for 21st Century leadership

Should you wish, we are able to augment this keynote with live band, offering you the possibility of learning to improvise with professional musicians as an ‘aftershow’ component to the keynote experience. Rock, Jazz, Blues etc. Have it your way.

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London, UK


$10,000 plus travel

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