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Generation C – The power of influence of connected consumers

Today, generations rely more on behavioral traits address changes, as demographic groups. In the digital age, each generation turns to connected users – consumers; which we can call «prosumers» of the new Generation C. Each generation exercise a certain power of influence on society. For companies and organizations, it is therefore essential to comprehend what motivates each.

Raymond Morin explores the patterns of technology use and consumption by generations to better understand the differences between them and meets at the same time. It paints a portrait of micro – generation to the Web and social media era, based on the latest studies and statistics.
In this conference, participants will share the results of his own researchs and observations on the new generations and their influence on companies and organizations, reports in his latest book (in French): Generation C (onnected) – The influence of marketing in digital age.


The influence of marketing in the digital age

The concepts of influence and content marketing to stand out on the web and social media are now embraced by businesses and organizations. But the influencer marketing is much more complex than a popularity contest or a spokesperson campaign, and based more on social capital and trust relationships established with users – consumers.

In this lecture, Raymond Morin will present his original pyramid of influence in social media, and bring a new look at the influencers of marketing trends for the coming years. It will relate the results of recent studies and research, published in his recent book: Generation C (onnected) – The influence of marketing in the digital age, particularly that of Augure firm, to which he participated with other influencers like Brian Solis, Jeff Bullas and Chad Pollitt.

Participants will learn new approaches to marketing of influence:
– How to differentiate the types of influencers and ambassadors of influenceuratis
– How to build digital identity and develop its personal branding
– How to develop an exclusive grid publishing content on the web and social networks
– How to establish and maintain fair and lasting relationships with influencers
– How to measure the value of its share capital and performance in social media


Social transformation of enterprises and organizations

In the era of Web and social media, companies and organizations must adopt a digital and social shift in depth. A transformation that inevitably will have to go through major policy changes. They will have to review all aspects of their operation to better meet the new demands of users – consumers.
These changes completely transform work environments, and affect all processes ; Research and development of technological innovations, through marketing and communications, to public relations and customer service.
In this new conference, Raymond Morin explores the various opportunities of social and digital transformation of enterprises and organizations by presenting compelling case studies of success. It will reveal in particular how to involve its staff and collaborators as partners in change, to finally make them their best ambassadors.

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