Speeches by Susan Emerick

Empowering Employees to Build Trust and Advocacy in Social Media

Interested in learning how to drive significantly greater employee engagement while supporting your company’s goals? Susan Emerick covers the groundwork required to building a successful employee advocacy program. From how to navigate through the most common reasons brands hesitate to empower employees on social media to a complete program roadmap to harness the power of equipping employees & partners to build trust & advocacy in social media.


Measuring Performance and Value of Employee Engagement in Social Media

One of the most difficult cross roads an advocacy program manager often has to deal with is “how to take your program to the next level”. Typically, programs start as small-contained pilots, but how will you advance your program to the next level beyond pilot phase? Another key element of a successful program is the ability to sustain the commitment from program participants, what are the best ways keep employees engaged and motivated? Lastly, you’ll learn how to keep your Senior Management committed to supporting the growth and scale of a Employee Advocacy program.


Search and Social: Making it all work together

The Convergence of Search and Social: A IBM Social Business Case Study
Every marketer needs to understand how the landscape of search marketing has changed since social has become second nature to nearly everyone on the planet. This convergence has big implications for your SEO programs. Susan Emerick shares from her practitioners view and experience how IBM brought search and social together to become the leading brand to capture the social business market.


Building your reputation in the social sphere

Whether your just graduating and starting your professional career or are well established but not on-line, it is critical that you understand the techniques of establishing your reputation on the social web. Susan Emerick covers all aspects of how to prepare to the rules of the road for engaging in social to create a solid reputation.


Creating Brand Advocacy: A new engagement model

Driving customer and employee engagement across your brands digital experiences. Susan Emerick covers the secrets of how to enable employees to use their own voice to amplify your brand. She shares a foundational framework for how to establish a successful social brand engagement strategy to equip employees to share their expertise and knowledge with their social networks to benefit your customers and the company’s reputation.


What makes an influencer? and why every Marketing Communications Professional should care

Having spent nearly 10 years advancing Influencer identification and engagement practices and programs, Susan Emerick is no stranger to Influencer Marketing. She shares highlights from her work with the highly esteemed WOMMA.org Research & Measurement Council to publish the Influencer Handbook. You’ll learn how leading companies identify, engage and build relationships with industry influencers to benefit their brands.

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