Keynotes by Ted Coinu00e9

Leading to Win in The Social Age

What do all leaders u2013 from partners in garage startups to global CEOs u2013 need to know about doing business in the Social Age? For starters, that marketing, while important, is only a small part of the story.

In this keynote, Ted will share the most important findings from his latest book, A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive, and the compelling lessons heu2019s learned since publishing.

Attendees will learn

  • Why Customers Hold All The Cards u2013 and what that means for the modern leader
  • What is The Death of Large u2013 and how the Hollywood Model is the way our companies, and our careers, will thrive in the future
  • Is the Social Leader still as rare as a Blue Unicorn? And how you can u2013 and must u2013 become one
  • How we can all leverage The Power of OPEN to be truly extraordinary through our networks
  • Why Employee Branding is the new face of marketing
  • How to build a rock solid personal brand

If you lead a team, a business unit, an organization u2013 or if you aspire to in the future u2013 you canu2019t afford to miss a minute of this inspirational and important talk on Leading To Win In The Social Age!



Building an Ironclad Personal Brand

Is your wisdom, insight, and experience a secret? Well, guess what? Your talent deserves a voice!

Welcome to the Social Age, a time when our reputation is only a Google search away. What does yours say about you?

Letu2019s face it, some of us have established our expertise through our blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media profiles u2013 and the rest of us are as anonymous as we were the day we started school.

In this rollicking and fascinating keynote, near-futurist, author, and three-time CEO Ted Coinu00e9 will share a little of his personal story in building a world-class personal brand. Heu2019ll explain how this brand precedes him, opening the doors of some of the most successful business leaders of our day.

More importantly, heu2019ll discuss

  • The personal brands of these leaders
  • Steps you can take today to establish your own personal brand
  • Advanced moves that will strengthen the brand you have
  • Why a stellar personal brand is essential to your success within your company, as well as beyond, and
  • Why itu2019s to an employeru2019s advantage to help employees build their own ironclad personal brands

Today, we are all participants in the u201cgig economy,u201d moving from company to company (or at least team to team) many times throughout our careers. Anyone who ignores their personal brand is limiting their future. But for those of us who intentionally build a strong personal brand? The future is ours!



The Social CEO and the Modern Leader

By 2020, u201csocial media competencyu201d (or even u201cfluencyu201d) will be among the TOP 5 traits boards look for in a CEO candidate, according to the research and extensive interviews Ted Coinu00e9 conducted for his latest book, A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive.

Welcome to the Social Age! This is not your grandfatheru2019s business environment!

Join Ted, the recognized global authority on the social CEO, as he explores

  • What is a Truly Social CEO?
  • What are the top traits of CEOs who get social?
  • What can happen when the so-called u201csocial CEOu201d is actually an intern from the PR department?
  • Which CEOs are nailing it right now u2013 and which are clearly not?
  • Who should guide the CEO, and the rest of the C-Suite, as they go social?
  • What can other current and aspiring leaders learn from these social exemplars?
  • Is any of this social activity actually beneficial to a company? How?

The answers to all of these questions may surprise, delight, or horrify you. One thing for certain: You will never think of social leadership the same way again.


Travels from:

Naples, FL.




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